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  • I have searched and have not found a thread that asked the same question or, in some cases, were not fully answered.  I am using a 4 month old laptop running a preloaded, fully updated Vista Home Premium OS.  I am the only one who uses the computer and by neccesity (and choice), I am the Administrator.

    My problem is this - I have installed multiple programs, CA antivirus, trial versions of MS Office 2007 and Adobe CS3 (all Vista compatible) and others and cannot uninstall these programs.  In fact, the uninstall method via the contol panel>programs>programs and features (uninstall) does not allow me uninstall these, yet does allow me to uninstall some other programs.  In other words, the programs populate the list, but do not give me the option of changing or removing *certain* programs.  ???

    In regards to the CA antivirus, I went to manually delete it's folders and was able to delete some folders, but was restricted from deleting others with the message saying I do not have permission.  Now, I cannot install the Antivirus of my choice because it first requires the removal of CA and the current files are incomplete.  The same goes for MS Office 2007 (I want a less comprehensive package and need to delete the trial software first).  I could reinstall the CA to fix the removed folders, but why am I forced keep what I don't want.  Why am I not fully in control of my own computer???  I am worried that the solution may require registry changes and I do not feel comfortable messing that up.  I have done nothing but download the programs in question. 

    Any solutions or suggestions?

    Thanks, Steve
    Wednesday, September 12, 2007 10:53 PM