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  • We recently baselined a large project and began entering time in it.  One of my team members noticed that we had left out a set of tasks for him.  I want to insert those tasks into the project and recalculate the baseline just for those tasks.  If I filter on that team member's tasks and the try to set the baseline again (using the original baseline) I get the following message:  "Baseline has already been used on 9/15/2011.  Do you want to overwrite the data in this baseline?"  In my tests, I said "yes", and it appeared to do what I want (i.e. reset the baseline just for those selected tasks and leave the baseline alone for the other ones).  But I worry that this might have other side-effects of which I'm not aware.  Will it?

    The other option is to set a new baseline (i.e. Baseline1) for the selected tasks.  That appears to work as well.  But what might be the side-effects of that?

    What's the best practice for resetting baselines in situations like this?


    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 12:45 PM


  • Select just the new tasks.  In 2007, select Tools...Tracking...Set Baseline for Selected Tasks.  Typically I also select the checkboxes for "Roll up baselines" to "all summary tasks" and "from subtasks into summary tasks" b/c  I want the new tasks' impact on the baseline to be reflected in the appropriate summary tasks.  This approach leaves the baseline values for the rest of your tasks alone.  So yes, you are overwriting some data in the baseline, but not for any tasks you didn't select.  It does update the date of the baseline to the current date.
    Terrie T - MCTS - PMP - MBA****PMO & Project Server Admin
    Wednesday, September 21, 2011 1:24 PM