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    I am trying to create a column which will create alerts to indicate slippage for different types of milestones. I have the below formula in a custom column to create the alerts:

    Switch([% Complete]=100,"Blue",([Scheduled Finish]>[Baseline Estimated Finish] And [Scheduled Finish]<[Baseline Estimated Finish]+15),"Amber",([Scheduled Finish]>[Baseline Estimated Finish]+14),"Red",([Scheduled Finish]<[Baseline Estimated Finish] And [Scheduled Finish]>[Baseline Estimated Finish]-15),"Amber",([Scheduled Finish]<[Baseline Estimated Finish]-14),"Red",([Scheduled Finish]=[Baseline Estimated Finish]),"Green")

    However I need it to be conditional for separate milestones, I use numbers to identify these in a custom text column. For example, for Level 1 milestones I would like the alert to show at 5 days and Level 2 Milestones at 10 days.

    Any suggestions for solving this would be much appreciated!

    Monday, March 12, 2018 5:47 PM

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