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    In FastSearch for SharePoint 2010, I would expect that you could use Crawl Rules for the content source to accomplish this.  Crawler Rules provide the ability to include or exclude paths from being crawled and specify authentication accounts.  The order listed is the order in which the rules are applied while content is being crawled.

    Crawler Rule Options

    ·         Path: Type the path affected by this rule.    (Examples: http://hostname/*; http://*.*; *://hostname/*)

    ·         Crawl Configuration: Select whether items in the path are excluded from or included in the content index.   

    ·         Specify Authentication: Use the default content access account to access items in the path. Note: This option is only available if “Include all items in this path” is selected in the Crawl Configuration.

    Is there something about your configuration that will prohibit you from using the Crawl Rules for the content sources? 


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    Wednesday, August 24, 2011 7:42 PM