How to allocate a manager resource to many tasks that overlap? RRS feed

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  • I have a project with a lot of work going on in different domains, say Business Process. Each domain has a single manager, for example the Business Process manager.

    There are lots of business process tasks that overlap across the schedule, and sometimes with gaps of time with nothing going on.  I want to allocate the Business Process Manager at 100% time whenever there are ANY business process tasks going on.

    I cannot allocate him individually to the tasks, since it would be a nightmare to level his allocation. For example, when one task is one week long, one two weeks, one three weeks, and they overlap in ways that move around as the schedule is modified. To edit his allocation to be 100% on some days on some tasks, 50% on other days between two tasks, and 33% on the days all three tasks overlap would be a nightmare, and much worse to keep it updated whenever any of the tasks moved.

    Is there a way to say: "Whenever the following tasks say 10, 20, 30, 55, 80 are going on, the Business Process Manager should be allocated at a 100% level?"  I don't really care what the distribution is across the tasks, since he is a manager working all day long, and will shift his time between any business process work for a given day as any manager would.

    I would rather not put all the Business Process work under a summary task and allocate the manager to that, because there are gaps in the schedule without any business process work going on, so the summary task length and therefore the cost would include all those gaps.

    Saturday, October 19, 2019 5:29 PM