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    I'm receiving this error, after attempting an install of SteadyState 2.0, Win XP SP2,

    completely up-to-date with all patches, validation passes, etc.:


    "Windows SteadyState is not correctly installed.  Repair or reinstall the application."


    1.  The error occurs when I try to launch "SCTUI.exe" after installation.


    2.  I've tried all the info I could find regarding known installation issues, including good defragmenting,

         entire LL reformatting, etc.  Did all this, still have the problem.  Even after the LL format,

         and reinstallation of the OS!


    3.  I've tried uninstalling, re-installing, etc., no effect whatsoever - same message occurs



    4.  Although the error message indicates to "repair or reinstall", there is not method that I can

         find for "repairing" the install, and reinstalling leaves me with the same error message, after

         successfull installation!


    Not sure what is going on here, as I've gotten SteadyState to function correctly on other XPSP2

    systems - without this error.  Is there a method by which one can troubleshoot this error??


    This one's driving me CRAZY!


    Thanks for any help in advance.







    Thursday, April 3, 2008 12:55 AM



    Hi Peter,


    Thanks for posting here!


    From the post, I understand that you have encountered error when trying to install SteadyState on the computer. The error message is:


    "Windows SteadyState is not correctly installed.  Repair or reinstall the application."


    After checking the error message, I have noticed that this issue has once been discussed in the forum and it was resolved. Therefore, I'd like to include the link below:


    lost SteadyState access during installation


    Best regards,

    Monday, April 7, 2008 5:38 AM