Windows 7 RC unable to un Install or Install Intel Wireless/Pro RRS feed

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  • I am upgrading Win 7RTM from RC. However Intel Wireless application needs to be uninstalled. I do not see any entry in uninstall program in control panel.


    I tried to upgrade application to version 13.000.0000 but get error message that it is compatible with OS.


    RC is expired need to upgrade RTM , please help!




    Monday, March 8, 2010 3:33 AM


  • Revo Uninstaller

    You can try using Revo Uninstaller - follow the link and download the free version:

    Extra info:
    Can You Upgrade From Windows 7 Release Candidate To The Final Version (often called RTM)

    The RC is a test version and is much different under the hood then the final version of Windows 7 (often called RTM), it was not designed for continued use or for upgrading. For info about the Windows 7 Release Candidate expiring and what to do:

    Sorry, Microsoft does not support an upgrade from Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) to the final version. You can backup your files and settings with Windows Easy Transfer before reinstalling XP or Vista, and then move to the final release version of Windows 7 if you wish. You will need to reinstall your programs.

    The Windows 7 Upgrade software requires XP or Vista to be installed first, if you have a qualifying version of Windows (XP or Vista) you can install it on your computer and buy an Upgrade version.  The Upgrade software doesn't allow an upgrade version of Windows 7 on a blank hard drive to be activated.  The installation procedure does not ask you to insert a Windows disc in the drive for verification, the Upgrade disk software requires the actual qualifying operating system to be installed.

    If you do not have a qualifying Windows operating system (XP or Vista) with a genuine license, then you cannot use the Upgrade version of Windows 7 - you would need a "Full version" Windows 7 license.

    In summary if you have an Upgrade version of Windows 7:

    1. The Upgrade software needs a qualifying Windows operating system (XP/Vista) to be installed.
    2. The qualifying Windows operating system must have a genuine license (product key) and it must be activated. If you don't have a qualifying license you will need a Full version.
    3. To move from XP/Vista to 7, boot to the qualifying Windows desktop, insert the Windows 7 Upgrade disc in the DVD drive.
    4. When the setup menu appears, select Custom (advanced) to initiate a clean install procedure, or Upgrade if you are upgrading.

    The Following Message From Microsoft Was On The Download Page For The Release Candidate:

    Please note: All users of the Windows 7 Release Candidate (including Windows Vista users who have upgraded to the Release Candidate) must do a clean installation of Windows 7 RTM. Please keep this is mind as you consider downloading the Release Candidate as opposed to waiting for the general availability release.
    Thanks again for your help in reaching this important milestone. We hope that you will join us in testing the RC and finishing Windows 7!

    Monday, March 8, 2010 4:06 AM