Best / Suggested Methods for Windows Migration Configuration


  • Good Morning!

    I'm in the beginning stages of setting up the migration of 25,000 workstations from Win XP to Win 7 scattered amongst 56 sites - yay! 

    While in the initial design and testing phase, I decided to post my challenges and solutions to see if anyone may have a better method to use for any of them.  I want to make things go as smoothly as possible, so am open to suggestions.  Below are the items of the migration I'm asking for suggestions on and my current plan for each:

    Migrate User Data

    I've installed the State Migration Point - but - instead of the OEM 3 capture and 3 restore steps, I am testing using USMT with paths set via UNC & variables as described in Chris Nackers' post here.

    I chose this over the native method as it seemed popular, a more effeceint solution, plus wouldn't require creating computer associations.

    Has anyone used this method, have thoughts, or alternative suggestions?

    Application Detection & Reinstallation

    I have suggested perhaps scripting a way for the task sequence to detect which applications the original OS had and automatically deploy any packages/applications which matched them per system.  They didn't want to do this for all applications due to many systems having apps they didn't use and they wanted to save on licensing.

    Therefore, here's what I'd like to do in the task sequence:

    - Make it all ZTI except for a singe UDI page which is the original "Install Applications" page template.  It would list a applications and someone could just select what they wanted then click Next.  I've successfully used that UDI page before, but even though an easy solution, would be a lot when multiplied by 25,000

    If there are still some that I'd like to install (if previously installed in XP), what is the best method to do so?  Scripts to gather inventory at beginning of task sequence or reference previously gathered inventory?

    Also, as stated above, I've used the "Install Application" UDI page.  An issue is that many of the application installations are really in-depth and are performed by task sequences.  Any suggestions on best way to possible add a task sequence app installation to this UDI page as an option?

    Think that's about it.  Any suggestions are welcome - Thanks!

    Ben K.

    Saturday, November 09, 2013 5:53 PM