In-Place Upgrade 7->10 v1809 rolls back at 82/83/84% every clue why RRS feed

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  • I have been banging my head on this for two weeks solid and have recreated & stripped down my task sequences more times than I care to remember.  Same failure, same spot.  TS gets all the way through a couple of reboots, then gets to about 82% and rolls back.  Setupdiag doesn't seem to show anything but a mem dump it doesn't have binaries for and I have no clue how to troubleshoot. 

    I'm not sure which error is the fatal one, but I'm guessing it's here.

    Execution engine result code: Reboot (2) TSManager 07/03/2019 10:33:38 AM 4592 (0x11F0)
    Task Sequence Manager ServiceMain finished execution. TSManager 07/03/2019 10:33:38 AM 4592 (0x11F0)
    Task Sequence Manager execution terminated as system shutdown is in progress. Code 0x00000000 TSManager 07/03/2019 10:33:38 AM 4592 (0x11F0)
    RegQueryValueExW is unsuccessful for Software\Microsoft\SMS\Task Sequence, SMSTSEndProgram TSManager 07/03/2019 10:33:38 AM 4592 (0x11F0)
    GetTsRegValue() is unsuccessful. 0x80070002. TSManager 07/03/2019 10:33:38 AM 4592 (0x11F0)

    I've been to a bunch of Johan's classes back in the day, a few of Nystrom's, and as many Jason S. seminars as I could make when I was going to TechEd and Ignite.  I'm sure they are ashamed of me right now but I am out of ideas.  Help?

    SMSTS.log attached.


    Wednesday, July 3, 2019 7:11 PM

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