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  • I bought 2016WSE because I was led to believe (my fool!) that 2016WSE could function without being a DC. Server will be (hopefully) hosting our IceWarp mail server in a colo facility. That's it - it just needs a platform to operate on - no DHCP, DNS, DC, AD, etc.

    Now this forum is saying that 2016WSE must be a DC or a domain member. On the first install (not by me) all defaults made it a DC and though I was able to remove the DC, installer was not versed in MS and after numerous failed updates, I've brought the machine to my shop for fresh reinstall.

    Searching here I find some say it can function as a workstation. In fact, after removing the DC/AD roles, it says it's a workstation at "toppermail.local" but because the updates are such a mess I'm starting over. 

    But...let me echo others here. MS, if you're listening, I don't need/want a DC/AD machine. I need a server platform that can coexist in a colo without complaining about not being a DC or member.

    Wednesday, March 20, 2019 4:57 PM

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