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    (Firstly sorry, but i did not found a category for the Microsoft Edge)

    I'm working on the policy for Microsoft Edge(chromium based). This is my first time working with Group Policys. I set the recommended settings, which Microsoft "recommends".   Download id=55319 (i am not allowed to post links)

    I also disabled the "Allow users to proceed from the HTTPS warning page". For me, that would be okey. But now, for IT-Internals, some Internal Managing Pages do not have a certificate (why not is another topic) and so they could not do there work. Is it possible to "configure" an exclusion list? So that i could exclude like "*.mycompany.com" from this policy?

    In my company it also be an need, that a startpage ist fixed, but it should be possible, to add other startpages additional, so it opens additional tabs with those websites. I couldn't found such settings.

    Next, I configured a Default Search Provider. I would like to set it, but make it changeable. For that I have activated "Enable the defualt search provider" and set the settings into the other Policy "Default search provider*". But at the browser, it is not changeable. Is that even "possible"?

    I hope you could give me some adivces.

    Kind Regards

    Friday, February 7, 2020 7:53 AM