Sandisk-Sansa Firmware Updater for Windows OS, doe's not install. RRS feed

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  • First of all, I' am running Windows 7 Professional upgrade, with SP1-x64bit since Sept 2, 2010.

    I can't rely on:  1. Security updates for windows 7  x64 based systems,

    2. Platform updates for  x64 edition,  3.  .NET Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 7, and .NET Framework 4,

    to reinstall the (SANSA firmware Updater) since march,2012, because of (virus infection) to "delete" the prior application from June-2010 to March-2012, to make it a (one time) successful install.

    Trouble shooting the SANDISK-SANSA Firmware Updater, has given me a-(incompatible application) message from my PC after download, as of 4/25/2013.

    I now have to "center-on" the (service pack) compatibility, even the possibility of updating a

    service pack, before I do anymore attempts to reinstall the SANSA updater, that carries the-

    (SANSA Media Converter) for the (SANSA MP3's).

    None of the (service pack) compatibility settings with the (Updater), are working to reinstall the program back on my PC, since March-2013.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I have (2) MSXML 4.0 (SP2 updates) on my PC since 9/12/2010, and these updates could be "blocking" the SANDISK software to reinstall. One is (KB973688) and (KB954430). The SANSA updater is (not-compatible) with a (Windows 7-SP2).

    My question is: Should I download/install (Window Server 2008 RS SP1)? , that is (compatible) with the SANSA updater or uninstall the (2) MSXML 4.0 (SP2 updates)? , that appear to-be in "conflict" with the SANDISK software  for reinstalling.

    Signed: Lee V Payne-4/27/2013  7:38pm PST.

    Lee Payne

    Sunday, April 28, 2013 2:38 AM