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  • The problem I am facing is with BI center when using reverse proxy, server redirected, LDAP forms authentication, and no active directory access. 

    1.       Single server architecture implementation of SharePoint 2010. Customer asked us to build the system with an internal name.  "ProjectServer"   using a specific port number.  For Example:  (Port A). 

    2.       All access to the system is through LDAP.  No active directory access.

    3.       All users access the environment using a certificate and their LDAP login and are routed through a reverse proxy.  The URL the users access is a user friendly name that redirects the user to the actual server (ProjectServer). 

    4.       The administrator account can access the system through the reverse proxy method on port A using the "user friendly name"

    5.       The administrator can also access the project server without going through the reverse proxy; using the server name (ProjectServer) Port B. The reason for the alternate access is to allow the admin to avoid access through the reverse proxy.

    The problem occurs with the reporting database when the reverse proxy is applied:


    1.       If the admin account accesses Business Intelligence Center using  the method in item 4 above, the admin can access the BI center and open templates, create a report from the data in the olap cube, but cannot save it to the server, because it is trying to store the information to the User Friendly Name instead of the actual server name "ProjectServer".

    2.       If the admin account accesses Business Intelligence using  the method in item 5 above, the ODCs are accessible and can be saved to the server, but they are not trusted so they never refresh and the end user receives an error stating it is not trusted. The reports can be created, but when saving the reports to the BI center;  A message appears stating the ODC "user friendly name" does not exist.    The user also sees the same error in the webpart.  The user can click out of the error, and the data appears; however, it never refreshes.  Any help is appreciated.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011 1:50 PM