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  • After doing a clean install on a computer using and OEM CD of Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (Home or Professional), and after installing all the hardware drivers, I try to go to the Windows Update site but get this error 0x80190194 and can not complete any needed updates from the specific site.  Computer is a Dell Dimension 4600.  Nothing special but already have confirmed that all the hardware is in good working order.  PC was working normally before, just decided to do a reinstall on it.
    Friday, November 15, 2013 1:29 AM

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  • Here's my expert "how to"

    Started with a Dell Dimension 4600 clean install XP Professional (Home will work too) with SP2.  This is a Dell OEM Disk that comes with most of their computers when the used to still give out the CD's. 

    After install completes and all the hardware drives are installed and before installing any antivirus software I go to Windows update using the default IE6 browser that the operating system comes with.  I get the error 0x80190194 and can not perform an Windows Update. 

    Using another computer I download the "WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86" on to a flash drive/USB stick (do a google search for the file).  I take the Flash drive/USB stick out of my other computer and connect it to my Dell and open it to the file and install the program.  Now I go back to Windows Update and voila.  It wants to download 3 new updates: Windows Installer (newer version than the current one installed), WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage), and one other update which I forget what it was.  I have to do a restart after updates are installed.  When Dell comes back up I go again to Windows Update and now I see 77 needed updates to download and install.

    I run the updates and when complete I restart again.  (I was prompted a couple of time for permission to allow the Malicious Tool software and WGA something to be installed)  After updates completed I had to restart again.  Went back to Windows Updates and now was offered SP3 to download and install so I did.  Restarted again and now went back into Windows Update but when I choose to find updates using the Express method it would continually look and seemed to not go anywhere.  I closed out the windows after some time and then opened IE6 to the default homepage of MSN.com and at the site there was a prompt to upgrade my browser. 

    I clicked on the link and it took me to the site to download IE8 which I did and ran the installation.  I can't remember if I had to restart but I do remember the next thing I did after that was go back to the WU site and see if it would work now.  It did.  Found a bunch of updates which I did run and install.  Restarted again and went back to the WU site and this time is said "No New Updates Found."  Whew, I'm now done updating XP after maybe like 3-4hrs.  Now onto the rest of the needed software. 

    I had tried installing XP with a OEM CD that already had SP3 included but for whatever reason I could not get the sucker to update.  Did it twice with two different Dell XP SP3 CD's and it still didn't work.  Installing from a WinXP SP2 disk did work but remember you better have a spare computer around to get that file I mentioned at the begining or else your going to be stuck.  (far as I know.)  Thanks for reading this extremely long post.  Hope it helps some, Cheers. 
    Friday, November 15, 2013 1:29 AM