IE11 not displaying images - privateNetworkClientServer RRS feed

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  • I just updated to Windows 8.1 and it has IE11

    My Issue:

    When I go to the websites our company controls, no images appear.  When I refresh the page, with the console open, I am seeing a lot of these messages:

    SEC7117: Network request to did not succeed.
    This Internet Explorer instance does not have the following capabilities: privateNetworkClientServer 

    (where is filler for the absolute path to our images)

    Note:  I have never seen this issue before ... My last computer within our companies network had in IE10, windows 7 and displayed everything just fine.

    Also, if I copy and paste the absolute URL to the image in another tab, the image displays correctly.


    -  My computer and the server that our websites are housed on are on the same network.  Is this issue only going to affect in-network viewing on IE11?  Or is anyone with IE11 going to have this issue?

    -  How do I fix it? 

    I found a post that says add site to the "trust sites" list in Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites, but it is grayed out with a messages that says "Some settings are managed by your System Administrator").

    -  Do I have to ask my sys admin to update some settings on the server that are websites are hosted on?
    Thanks for any assistance

    Saturday, November 2, 2013 6:59 PM


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