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  • I would like to use MDT 2013 to automate the creation of my wim image. Right now it's just easier for me to distribute a wim file then a TS to other sites and to our hw vendors.

    One of the issues I am having is that after the wim is applied the machine will not boot. I need to run "bcdboot c:\windows /s c:\"

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    Wednesday, March 5, 2014 9:44 PM

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  • So you are missing the boot files to properly boot your pc after deployment?

    Anyways my advise is either you work entirely with MDT or you don't. Partially isn't really an option since MDT gives you so much control and power over your deployments.

    If you have an image that is already to your wishes, you can capture that image either from hardware (which will at least pollute your driverstore with drivers for this particular model) or from a virtual machine.

    You may want to choose between capturing a resulted machine, or build your reference image from scratch and capture this afterwards. So you have two possibilities there.

    If you want to do the first, you need to create a sysprep and capture task sequence and run this on the machine you want to capture. Make sure the machine has never been joined to the domain to avoid numerous conflicts like GPO pollution.

    If you don't have a reference machine you can already capture, build one with a task sequence, and at the end of the sequence the machine will be captured (if you have configured your customsettings.ini right, or have specified the correct parameters in the wizard)

    There are numerous examples outhere to find about the customsettings.ini and bootstrap.ini that should get you on your way!

    Good luck!

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    Wednesday, March 5, 2014 9:51 PM
  • Hey Dave,

    Here's what I recommend in a situation like this -

    1. Create a Standard Client Task Sequence.  Setup your partitioning as you would like.

    2. Remove anything postinstall from the sequence.  Using this method will allow you to apply custom images, but will not allow you to boot into the image and make changes, this will only allow you to do an apply.

    3. Inside of the task sequence - select OS Info and open the unattend.xml file.  Edit the unattend to match your first boot state you want.  Note that you will not find a wizard for this stuff, so you need to know what you're doing inside of an unattend file.  Configure whatever account you want as first logon, whatever runonce you want, remove anything you don't want and save the unattend.  Note that you should remove the FirstLogonCommand that runs LTIBootstrap.  We're not doing anything after apply with MDT so you won't need to run it.  The same goes for the administrator account, if you're not using it disable it early on in the apply. 

    What ends up happening is MDT will run setup.exe /unattend:yourfile and apply per your specs.  This unattend is called through the configure step in your standard task sequence from %deployroot%\control\your-task-sequence\unattend.xml.  You can even replace the unattend if necessary with your own instead of editing the one it creates.  Just make sure you have Configure inside of your task sequence -this sets the unattend from the MDT share- and that there's nothing post-apply that needs to happen from MDT. 

    All MDT really does is create a front end for this unattend file, and a lot of the settings you're creating inside of the wizards are just passed on into the unattend file.  You can see this if you create a custom partition and look at the unattend.  Hope this helps.


    Thursday, March 6, 2014 3:42 PM
  • True, you can *not* assume that just applying a *.wim file to a hard disk will lay down the correct boot files necessary to start the OS, you must run BCDBoot.exe. There might be a System partition for Bitlocker, and the wim file wouldn't apply the necessary boot files on that partition.

    This is true with all *.wim files, and all systems that apply wim files. MDT will do the right thing by applying the *.wim file.  Typically any system that can handle *.wim files directly will do this for you.

    Keith Garner - keithga.wordpress.com

    Thursday, March 6, 2014 5:09 PM
  • Could I run a TS on a machine, use the "Sysprep this computer" option, and then capture the image using dism?

    Thanks for you help!!!


    Thursday, March 6, 2014 7:06 PM
  • All post apply steps are done using the Administrator account and LTIBootstrap.  I would recommend one sequence to build your image and one sequence to apply your custom wim with your customized unattend as described above.
    Thursday, March 6, 2014 7:26 PM