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  • Hi to all,

    Suppose I have a set of Project (for ex. P1.... Pn). Suppose only 3 project.

    Suppose I have 2 Department: DepA and DepB.

    Each Pi is of a specific Department. Let's suppose

    • P1 : DepA
    • P2 : DepB
    • P3 : DepA

    Into Depx there're some human resources. 


    • DepA : HRA1, HRA2
    • DepB: HRB1, HRB2.

    Now... I would manage Project as single MSPRoject file and link them all to resource Pool. In resource Pool I specify the group of resource DepA and DepB in the specific fields of resource table view.

    I make some cross Department assignment. Suppose that HRA1 work on some task for DepB...and HRB1 work on some tasks in DepA.

    Into resource view I need to group for assignments to see how many work is outside that department.

    I would not use VB script; only native features.

    I try to make an example below:... thank you in advance for your answers.


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  • Hi, you need to group by your department field in the resource usage view.  In this instance, I have used the built in Group field.  Does this work or have I misunderstood?

    Resource Usage grouped by Group

    Ben Howard [MVP] <a href="">blog</a> | <a href="">web</a>

    Thursday, November 28, 2013 8:42 PM
  • Sorry but I noticed that my comment to this post was truncated... I write it again.

    Below I tried to re-produce into MS Project 2010 the scenario.

    As you can see...I need to group for assigment because I need (for example) to know how many works (cost...resource...manday) of DepB will work (for a specific period, for ex a month) on task of DepA.

    If I use group as you can see (below) that I have the total amount of each Dep...

    Group : DepX

     SubGroup : HRx

    But I need

    Group : DepA

      SubGroup : Projects of DepX  => allow me to see the sub-total.

           SubGroup : HRx

    Usage View...grouped


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  • any news about it?


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  • Hi Daniele,

    If you want to know if (and how) Dept X resources work on Dept Y projects, you'll have to create 1 lookup table "department" and 2 custom fields linked to this lookup table : 1 resource department custom field and 1 project department custom field. Note that if you have more than 1 department working on a project, the project custom field might be replaced by a task custom field.

    Then you'll be able to group:

    Group : project/task department X

            SubGroup : resource department Y

    Note that Project Server 2010 and 2013 have a out-of-the-box feature for managing projects and resources departments. Here is an excellent blog from Treb Gatte:

    Hope this helps.

    Guillaume Rouyre - MBA, MCP, MCTS

    Tuesday, December 3, 2013 2:49 PM