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  • Hi,

    We have sql server (enterprise 64 edition)infrastructure and it has 190 GB RAM.This server holds four servers(two analysis services and two database engine).

    We are getting memory pressure sometime so how to allocate memory among all 4 services without impact others.


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    1. Do you have max server memory set for all 4 of them? For the 2 SQL instances, this setting only applies to the buffer pool part of the memory
    2. Which of the service is encountering memory pressure?
    3. For 2 SQL instances, Setup Perfmon and monitor Page Life Expectancy (PLE), Target Memory, Total Memory and Memory grants pending counters. See if PLE is near or above 75 times the SQL max memory (in GB) configured for a instance. 
    4. Even if you do find a instance that is encountering memory pressure, there is no need to just allocate more memory to it. Instead, first make sure to tweak your indexes (and add missing indexes) to mitigate memory pressure

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  • Do you mean the server has  four SQL Server instances  on the server? If so,  you need to set a MAX memory value for each instance, please read this article

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  • Hello ,

    I want to see it in a different way , Do have the following question's answer:

    • Memory device :Slow, cheap storage is it?
    • Is the Databases properly indexed ?
    • Can't CPUs build query plans fast enough?
    • Is the database programmatically tuned ?
    • Have you use AWE for Allocating Memory?
    • Is the memory min and max limit set up ?
    • Have you check the memory configuration ?

    Also use : SQL Server Resource Governor to identify each server's resource status .

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  • We are getting memory pressure sometime so how to allocate memory among all 4 services without impact others.

    Well how did you know its a memory pressure, any out of memory error you got ? There is no point in providing answer unless you tell Version and edition of SQL Server so what is output of

    select @@Version
    Memory management has changed starting from SQL Server 2012. You must post same question on different thread for SSAS they can tell you how to gauge memory requirement for SSAS If you tell me version of SQL server i can give you nice explanation how to configure max server memory for database engine

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