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  • I am trying to setup a client that only wants to use Project Server for portfolio planning and analysis. In this scenario they only want to assign generic resources (remember, no detail plans...only high level), and want to use the resource plan. Sounds simple, but I am finding a lot of issues with this scenario, primarily with resources plan.

    1. The resource plan seems to be checked out with no way to check it in other than through the force check-in.  On occasion it seems to get checked in but I can't figure out the steps.  I've tried with and without editing and publishing the project itself with no avail.  Sometimes the Publish option is still available (but I assume it wouldn't be if someone else checked it out) but sometimes it is greyed out.

    2. I can't assign capacity to a generic resource and use it in Portfolio Analysis.  This seems to be a feature that in my opinion was poorly conceived, but I'll leave out the details of this rant.

    3. and biggest issue which is definitely a bug and show-stopper.  Changing the date rage of an existing resource plan doesn't change the resource demand for a date range that was cut from the original. I can back the start date or extend the end date, but cannot move the start date or end date in.  What happens is that the grid changes just fine but the resource date range along with the demand for that time no longer in play still show up as project demand.

    I added this to the Project Online forum but all of this behavior is the same with Project Server 2013.  Nothing I could see in the forums.  Is this a new bug or can there maybe be a fix on the way?  Any comment or update would be greatly appreciated.


    Larry Christofaro, PMP, MCITP

    Saturday, March 22, 2014 6:35 PM