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  • Hi,

    We're looking for a way to display KPIs/charts on a wall mounted monitor. The data we want to show is in Excel reports. The goal is to rotate worksheets (or worksheet snapshots) on a short time basis (seconds) and to refresh the worksheet's data on a long time basis (hours). What is the easiest way to accomplish this (by means of Power BI maybe)?

    There is an assumption this can be accomplished with Picture Library Slideshow Web Part for Sharepoint Online. But we are not sure how to populate related Picture Library with updated worksheet shapshots on a time basis.

    Thank you,


    Friday, June 06, 2014 7:50 AM


  • Hi Andrey,

    Using power bi scheduled refresh you can take care of the refresh of the workbook data (as long as your data source is a supported one). Currently Power BI will allow daily refreshes.

    As far as the "slideshow", I am not aware of an out of the box control for that:

    One option can be to create an SPO page, which will present Excel services control showing the workbook, focused on a given sheet (you do that by adding the parameters action=embedview and ActiveCell=TheSheetYouWantToPresent

    Via embedded javascript you can manipulate that link (say in iFrame). Instructions how to do that can be found here

    If the refresh is too often you may run into throttling problems, so it might be a better idea to load all the worksheets at first, and just play with visibility.


    Friday, June 06, 2014 9:37 PM