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  • The problem is when an application runs in fullscreen with a high FPS and still shows lag/stutter issues in graphics ...

    Windows 7 doesn`t seem to have any tools that report of stuck disk i/o traffic and neither does the graphic card controls (nvidia). The missing information seem to be:
    1) Whether it is because of a slow drive (fx. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QF-SBypQBuw); (Solution: buy a faster drive)
    2) Whether it is because of other programs using the same disk - fx. windows pagefile(?); (Solution: move the app to another drive)
    3) Or whether it is because of a layer program - fx like Sandboxie that redirects filesearch etc.; (Solution: run the app outside the layer)

    Is it really necessary to buy and install and configure a new harddrive and then install the app on this drive uncertain of results just to compare to try solving some graphics lag because of disk i/o issues?

    Thursday, July 10, 2014 1:26 PM


  • 1) the Windows performance index gives a view of the hardware's expected performance the subscores for harddrive tests should allow you to determine if your harddisk is 'slow'

    2) Resource monitor can help to identify processes that have a lot of IO. Most important measurement will be teh disk queue length. To get even more detailed information, you could use perfmon.


    3) virtualisation and/or sandboxing always has a performance impact. You should check with the software vendor how to check for/test the performance impact the application has.

    no, it is not neccasary to buy hardware or software to identify a performance issue. note that in some cases is might be easier/cheaper to buy some new hardware of which you are sure it will meet all requirements.

    PS: consider purchasing an SSD if yous suspect IO issues and are willing to spend some: it will be your best hardwareupgarde you did over the last 10 years!!!


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