How do I re-install my nvapi.dll if I keep getting error code 0x80070005? RRS feed

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  • Hi.  I am using a Vista Home Premium 32 Bit Desktop Computer.  I have been getting the BSOD for 3 weeks.  I have done virtually just about everything to try to correct this problem.  I am not very computer advanced.  The message on my Bluescreen when I put my computer to sleep is that one that says something like IRQ NOT LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO

    Last night, I was deleting things that I looked up in my Super Anti-Spyware that appeared makicious, or to be a threat.

    2 of them happened to be nvapi.dll, (which said they were "Invalid").

    I tried to reinstall them , but keep getting an error code 0x80070005.  This computer (I am definitely going to be getting a new one soon, as I am so sick of this), is a VISTA.....and it was given to me second-hand 4 yrs ago by a relative who won't speak to me anymore.  Do you have any way of helping my situations for the moment until I can afford to get a new computer?  (I am disabled, and money is always a problem, so definitely do not have any money to pay for any kind of "paid fix".  I do have the recovery disk, but do not want to use that, because I do not want to lose all my photos....I am waiting for a USB flash drive to arrive in the mail, that I ordered to copy all my photos and such.  Is there any help for me, PLEASE??????????   I am going crazy trying to figure this problem out.  Thank You

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  • With Vista questions you are off topic in Windows Home Server forum.

    Crashes in nvapi.dll points to the graphic card driver. You should not delete OS related files manually if you do not know what you do.

    Check, which NVidia card you have in your computer and get the most current driver package from the NVidia website. Graphics drivers can also crash due to hardware issues. Like overheating due to too much dust in the case, on the cooler rips or a failed cooler fan or blowing up capacitors. Which is all very possible with an old, never maintained machine.

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