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  • I have a problem buying that there is a difference between saving in docx and doc mode for word 2007.  I have files that up until very recently saved as 30 or 40k files and now save at between 90 and 130k.  This began on my computer after november 2011 and I have been using word 2007 since it was released. 

    I have another copy of the exact same program running on my laptop and have now reverted to saving my resume on this computer to send out because the ones on my desktop are to large for most resume submissions.  Unlike the comment that I keep reading in other answers from microsoft pros this is not a docx related problem.  This is obviously something that has either changed in a recent update or some setting that has somehow been changed in my deskltop program.  The only thing I have done recently that could have an effect is to use development in the ribbon and also begin making templates and macros.  Neither of these changes have been implemented on the laptop.

    Please if you are truely pros stop blaming docx because it is not the problem and I and many others need an real answer because having to re save my resume on a second computer even though it is networked is a very inconvenient way to do business and costs time.  If docx and zip was the issue then the second copy of word on another computer would have the identical problem.  It has to be some setting but i have reviewed all my option settings and cant see anything significant.

    Thank Doug  

    Thursday, March 8, 2012 4:16 PM

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  • Hi,

    There are many factors affecting this problem, such as Picture, Graphs, Font type, Marco...

    Please try to rename global template(Normal.dotm) test if it helps, you can visit this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918429

    Best regards.

    William Zhou

    TechNet Community Support

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012 7:54 AM
  • William

    I am quite tech savvy although defintely not a pro but I do know when there is a problem which is related to something other than normal circumstance.   By the way there are no unusual elements contained in the file it is a styled resume of exactly one page and the only extra style is shading of the headings.  No pic, quotes, pastes or other stuff.  I even tried eliminating the hyperlinks to my websites.

    I apologize for the bluntness but am seriously getting tired of the many comments I see herein this forum related to this issue.  It is obviously a problem when there have been 186 visits so far.  I have a network at home and two computers using the same original version of word.  I have three copies of a saved file which I would be more than happy to share.   

    One of them is dated Oct 2011 and saved as 41K, the next is dated March 2012 saved on the same machine from the original file to a new name and is 118k, the final copy is date Mar 2012 saved on the second copy of Microsoft on another machine from the docx version of the Oct file and it saves as 41k exactly the same as the original file save in Oct 2011.  My suspicion is that at some point Microsoft made changes like they did in jan of 2011 aimed ultimately at forcing everyone onto their zip word processing methodology.  Unfortunately as astute as I may be technically I have been unable to determine exactly what the problem is and to be honest the opinions from the Microsoft Pros do not cut it for me because if they were true why can one program save the file exactly as the old one and yet a machine that is regularly upgraded has a problem and to the best of my knowledge unless i did something stupid that I cannot see or inadvertantly they should be identical systems except for the updates which are very seldom done on the laptop which is the second machine.

    I am desperate because at the cost of this program someone should have an answer and having to make copies on a second machine is a very retarded way to have to do business but is what I am currently being forced to do because of this situation.




    Tuesday, March 13, 2012 4:27 PM