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    Hi all,


    Hoping someone can help me with this issue i'm having. I have a dahsboard which contains two scorecards, one with a division/region nested list showing budget vs actual KPI. the second contains only the KPI but at the scorecard level i pass the member unique name to the second scorecard (Branch) and set the Row end point to the <<SourceValue>>.children. This at least gives me some flexibility in the scorecard as the branches will change as new ones are added. I find it surprising that the scorecards don't support the dynamic use of SSAS hierarchies to do this.


    Anyway. in addition to this I have a time intelligence filter which is set to the column end point on both scorecards. This works as expected, The problem is I now want a chart which has the time dimesnion on the bottom, branch dimension in the background, and actual and budget measures in the series. I want to click on the data in the branch scorecard and pass the member name to the branches end point in the chart to limit the data to only the selected branch. In addition i want to take the time intelligence filter (current month, previous month) and show all months for the year the date refers to. I've set the filter to <<SourceValue>>.parent.children (this shows all twelve months for the year of the current/previous month). It doesn't seem to work when I do this though. It appears that only one of the filters ever seems to be applied. occasionally none work. I'm really struggling to under stand why this is. It seems like this should be a simple thing to do. I have even tried looking at using the parameter options through the query designer for the analytic chart to no avail.


    Can anyone let me know if they've encountered a similar problem or can provide me with a solution to what i'm doing wrong.



    It appears that if i link the division/region scorecard to the chart, the time and branch hierarchies filters appear to work ok. Could it be something to do with the fact that the second scorecard is being derived based on the first and that at this point there is no knowledge of the hierarchy? The division/region scorecard is created by dragging onb the hierarchy and selecting the required division/region members. The drag of teh hierarchy was done twice to ensue that the +/- collapse and expand options mimic the hierarchy.


    It also appears that the branch filter is definatley where the issue is.




    Many thanks in advance.





    Wednesday, September 17, 2008 6:55 PM