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  • I am in the process of creating approx 1.2 million PDF files.

    I am currently doing this in batches of 400.

    e.g. ___________________________________________________

    rename "c:\data\Student_fin\FIN127_.pdf" "AFS_0630209.pdf" ;
    rename "c:\data\Student_fin\FIN127_1.pdf" "AFS_0630217.pdf" ;
    rename "c:\data\Student_fin\FIN127_2.pdf" "AFS_0630225.pdf" ;
    rename "c:\data\Student_fin\FIN127_3.pdf" "AFS_0630233.pdf"


    rename "c:\data\Student_fin\FIN127_397.pdf" "AFS_0634522.pdf" ;
    rename "c:\data\Student_fin\FIN127_398.pdf" "AFS_0634530.pdf" ;
    rename "c:\data\Student_fin\FIN127_399.pdf" "AFS_0634549.pdf" ;


    One reason for doing this is that I wish to rename them from the generic name the output process gives the file to a more appropriate name.

    To this end I am setting up a text file from that program  that contains the 400 rename commands:

    However, when run it will only rename 380 files and the last file often is only partially renamed! Which creates a real mess.

    [I initially was using batches of 500 and the name script renames approx 450 names]

    What is going on here and is there a solution?

    Monday, May 19, 2014 1:46 AM

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  • In looking at another issue I added the following as first line to my .BAT file.


    Hooray!!!! This has fixed the chopping off and partial renaming problem....

    But... the other problem of the last 20 rename statements not working still holds.

    Note: if I manually rerun that .BAT file without making any changes the final 20 files are renamed correctly!


    Monday, May 19, 2014 4:33 AM