Garbled screens in SharePoint site for a user RRS feed

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  • We've encountered a strange issue recently that has so far only applied to our SharePoint site. It doesn't seem to be a SharePoint issue, but since it's only happening there and occurs after using XML forms that we've custom built, I figured I'd ask here.

    Basically, we have an XML document that we're using as a blank form that, once filled out, dumps data into a list and tracks each submitted form from start to completion. However, recently, when one user in particular clicks the 'Print View' option provided on the form and actually prints the document, the text on the screen becomes incredibly garbled and appears in different font sizes all over the screen, including places where you wouldn't normally see text (see the below screenshot). The text also moves and changes into new text whenever the mouse is moved. Once the form is closed, all other SharePoint pages are also affected until the browser is completely shut down and reopened.

    I have tried adding/removing the site from Compatibility View in IE 10, checking the antivirus program, updating the display driver (it most closely resembles a video driver issue, but newer drivers make no impact), removing the external monitor from the equation (it's a laptop), and disabling add-ons, but nothing seems to make a difference. Does this issue have something to do with the way that the XML files are interacting with IE, our printer, or is it something completely unrelated?

    Here's the screenshot. Any ideas? If it were a video driver problem, I would think that it would affect everything and not just XML files/the print view.

    Tuesday, July 16, 2013 8:23 PM