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  • I'm a longstanding user and fan of SysInternals suite of tools.

    Over the years, I've also developed a large set of system management tools of my own, some of which are complementary to those in the SysInternals suite, and have no equivalent here. Maybe some could be worth adding to the SysInternals suite?


    • which.exe: Similar to Unix which, or Windows where, but knowing about many subtleties of cmd.exe and powershell.exe that the other two ignore. Allows to understand what program will run when you type a command, really. (And, like AutoRuns, it's constantly improving, because I keep learning about new special rules, etc.)
    • 1clip.exe, 2clip.exe, 12.bat: They allow operating on the Windows clipboard content, using any combination of command-line tools. Very useful to extend the abilities of GUI apps.
    • truename.exe: Displays the true pathname of a file or directory, like old DOS' truename internal command. Resolves links, junctions, etc.
    • ag.exe: A port for Windows of 'The Silver Searcher', a very fast file searcher, with full regular expression support.
    • dirc.exe: A side-by-side directory comparator.
    • ShadowCopy.ps1: List, create, delete NTFS shadow copies; List and possibly restore previous versions of files; Recycle shadow copies like a pool of backup tapes.
    • sector.exe: Manages disk sectors. Options for dumping them, or copying them to & from files. Useful to investigate boot issues.
    • gpt.exe: Dumps GUID Partition Tables.
    • smbios.exe: Dumps SMBIOS tables.
    • cpuid.exe: Displays detailed information about your processor.
    • Disable-IPv6Components.ps1, Enable-IPv6Components.ps1, Test-IPv6Components.ps1: Useful to diagnose networking issues that may be due to using IPv6.
    • ipcfg.bat: A front end to ipconfig.exe, selecting the data you want.
    • hosts.bat: Makes it easy to edit the hosts file, or search entries possibly there.

    All tools are command-line tools. They all output Unicode to the console, support longs paths up to 64KB, symlinks and junctions. etc. Run them with option -? to display their help.

    If you want to give them a try, the complete tool box (including the above tools) is open-sourced and available there.

    For a full list of tools, see there. (But note that many tools are more like a programmer's toolbox, not system management tools like SysInternal's suite.)

    Sunday, November 25, 2018 6:30 PM