generate available value for multi select combobox dynamically


  • Hii all

    I have requirement to generate a report 

    there is one filter which is multiselect 

    and the thing is that i want the available values for filling the filter combo with the values passes to the report filter.

    suppose i pass 2,3 from the querystring from where i call my report c# code

    i can use 2,3 passing value to display my report based on filter for default value only but

    what i want CSV i pass it should get fill that combo and based on that user can filter that data

    i cant pass all values to available vallues to report because many users are using this report and i want to restrict them by doing this...

    Please help me experts..... 

    Dilip Patil..

    Saturday, February 22, 2014 6:40 AM