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  • Hi 

    The situation is we have a Services Farm (Farm A) and 2 farms that consume Search, UPSA and MMSA from this.

    Farm B hosts My Sites web app

    Farm C hosts Intranet

    SP2013 on-prem - all farms

    The requirement is to create a new My Sites host on Farm C and move all the My Sites to that and then shut down Farm B

    I've looked and can find no guidelines on how to do this. Some info on upgrading Mysites (not required) but no solid info

    I've done some testing and cannot get this to work

    I backup the My Sites Content DB and restore to the new farm

    I do an unattached DB recovery to backup a My Site site co0llection

    I use restore-spsite to restore (using a new URL e.g. http://farmb/personal/JonSmith --> http://farmC/personal/JohnSmith)

    the site appears in the My site web app on Farm C but I cannot browse to it - 

    Any ideas much appreciated. At the moment I log in as the test user but I cannot create a new My Site on the target farm - I click the OneDrive link and it just goes to the Farm Admin My Site

    EDIT - I have run a script that pre-creates a MySite for a test user that has content in Farm B My site. The new My site is http://FarmC/personal/testuser3. How do I restore the content from http://FarmB/personal/testeuser3 to this site?


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  • Just done few MySite migrations from our 2013 main farm to 2016.
    You should do the following steps:

    1. Create Web Application for MySites on target server with temporary Contentdatabase
    2. Configure the webapplication the same as source server (permission, service connection, enable subsite creation) if desired.
    3. Dismount the database from source environment (or backup from SQL and restore with new name in SQL)
    If you use backup. I'd recommend to set the source MySite Web Application to read-only.

    4. Mount old contentdatabase (existing or backup) to target server using mount-spcontentdatabase
    5. Remove temporary contentdatabase in SharePoint and SQL
    6. If set to read-only, change to unlocked in new environment
    7. Should work now
    8. Check dependencies using test-spcontentdatabase
    9. Change DNS to new farm

    Tuesday, April 4, 2017 7:40 PM
  • Hi - the problem I get is that the URL path for all the My Sites in the databases still points to the old farm

    How can I restore the My Sites with a new URL that uses the new My Sites Web application?



    Monday, April 10, 2017 3:22 PM
  • thanks but these links are about about upgrading SharePoint and I want to MOVE the My sites between SP2013 farms


    Monday, April 10, 2017 3:23 PM