IM SICK of sites Disabling the Back button RRS feed

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  • Ok, This is not really a question.  But...

    IM SICK of sites Disabling the Back button  (windows 8 and ie 10) 

    I go out and do a search which of course returns 9000 hits.  So you look thru all the hits on the first 3 pages, then some site you navigate to kills the back button.  Start over!  It either doesn't work, or the history is just gone, whatever!  Sometimes, if you hit the back button fast enough, you can recover.

    And that is on a good day.  An a bad day every other site you look at does this.  What a pain.

    I do understand that there is reason to not go backwards on some forms.  But this is mostly  just wanting to not code for the user returning to a previous page.  Who do you want to irritate more, programmers who get paid to code these sort of things, or USERS?

    I don't know if FireFox has this issue or not, but I think I am about sick enough of this behavior that that I will find out.

    So, why post this.  Hopefully, so that others will add their thoughts and maybe come up with a solution. 

    Friday, September 27, 2013 9:44 PM