How to dynamically fetch the correct non-zero disk number of a disk as DiskId for InstallTo in autounattend.xml RRS feed

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  • I have a scenario where system can have more than one storage controllers. The first storage controller has x amount of disks and is unfortunately enumerated before the controller that has the disk I want to install to. So, the install disk number is never fixed nor is it ever guaranteed to be zero, unless I take the controller and/or disks offline during the install. This workaround is really not desirable and I am wondering if anyone has a way of installing to a specific disk.

    Not being able to install to any disk sort of defeats the purpose of having this field at all. Without someway to dynamically fetch the disk number, it looks like this will only works if the DiskId is guaranteed to be zero such as on a system with one disk. 

    I have seen an example from many years ago where it was possible to get the DiskId by running a vbs script like getDiskId.vbs then the autounattend.xml would look like something along those lines. But, it wasn't clear whether that's still applicable and whether anyone has gotten that to work.

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    In my case, a simple script that queries the device model would be able to match the correct disk and return the disk number.

    But, I haven't found anything recent that provides how to do that for autounattend.xml or points to whether that's still possible. Where would the vbs script go, etc? 

    Sunday, April 8, 2018 9:43 PM

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