Data Cube and PS Costs in Project Professional are reflecting different Costs and Actual Cost numbers RRS feed

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    What we think (this is a theory) is happening is somehow the data cube may be applying the actual costs to the start and finish dates of the task and then summarizing those results for the entire project.  Unfortunately, this is not what we want to do as the actual costs are the actual cost reported in SAP by month.  The totals are correct, but the time phased summaries are not reflective of what we see in the project file.

    If the assignments data is stored in SQL (which I'm certain it is), then we would need to write a report to extract that data from the sql database and not use the data cube.  So what we would need to be looking for is timephased “ACTUAL COST” and “COST” without using the cube and pulling it directly from the SQL. So far, I'm only finding the "MSP_TimeByDay" table is the reporting DB, is this what I need to join with the assignment data? Or is the timephased date data in another table or is this timephased data specific only to the cube? If so, is there a way to fix this in the cube?

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  • I wonder if it is an issue with Fiscal time vs planned time? Sometimes when the total are right but the groupings are wrong you could be looking at a fiscal year (Server Settings > Time and Management > Fiscal Periods) that differ from the schedule months.  There should be a fiscal period in the cube that you can select which may line up the values better. 
    Friday, December 13, 2013 10:54 PM
  • OLAP cube never give us current data, As everyday project server build OLAP cube that is why we get data which is of past not the current.

    In this case if you compare OLAP cube reports and data which queried from SQL will be always different.

    Hope this will help you to understand the issue.


    Saturday, December 14, 2013 6:06 AM