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  • Hi Experts,

    I am have a SQL query where I want to get the values of all "Approved" after the "Resubmit" in  CH.Approval_Outcome .

    My query as below

    , CH.UserTitle
    , CD.ModifiedDate
    , CH.Approval_Outcome
    , CH.CommentNo
    FROM  CD
    INNER JOIN CH ON CH.FK_Capex_Details = CD.PK_Capex_Details
    WHERE  (CD.CapexNo = '1205')
    ORDER BY CH.CommentNo

    I am getting output as below

    But I want like below

    How can i achieve this??. I want to get values after capturing the last "Resubmit ".


    Tuesday, March 20, 2012 2:50 AM


  • ;with cte as (select ModifiedDate, max(CommentNo) as LastReSubmit from Info

    WHERE Approval_Outcome = 'Resubmit'

    GROUP BY ModifiedDate)

    select I.* from Info I inner join cte on I.ModifiedDate = cte.ModifiedDate where I.CommentNo > cte.LastReSubmit and I.Approval_Outcome = 'Approved'

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