ntoskrnl.exe is locking java.exe RRS feed

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  • This issue I am seeing for Windows 2012 R2 edition. 

    Where my application is using bundle version of Java. After stopping the application I am seeing that, pid 4 is still holding my applications java process, I used process explorer to find out its PID 4 System process which is locking file.

    Type         Name

    File        C:\Program Files\My Application\jre\bin\java.exe

    Due to which I am not able to delete/rename my bundled JRE folder. 

    any leads to resolve this issue ?


    Thursday, June 11, 2020 5:47 AM

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  • Hello

    Could I just confirm that you are seeing this without Process Explorer running and have only flagged this under Process Explorer because you used this to diagnose the issue?

    The reason I ask is that kernel memory is used by all drivers so any driver including ours could be holding a reference that is attributed to the system process.

    Assuming this is not a process explorer issue the most likely culprit is an AV product so you might consider adding an exclusion to your AV and see whether that resolves the issue. Also if you run process monitor and set a filter for java.exe you should be able to see a create file from the system process. Take a look at the stack trace for that event and see if that highlights the errant driver.


    Friday, June 19, 2020 9:19 AM