Mail Flow to Exchange Server in cloud (AZURE)


  • Hi !

    This is Ankit, I have created an Exchange Server 2013 in Azure along with a Domain Controller.

    The domain name that i have used while creating the environment is not registered.

    I have a domain in Godaddy which I have added as UPN suffix for my testing domain environment.

    I need to check the Mail Flow from gmail to my domain.

    Kindly guide me which all configurations are needed to achieve my task.

    Things to note : >I have to update DNS records in Godaddy
                             >which all records need to be updated at DC end
                             >which all kind of settings need to be done on Exchange Server

    Thank You in advance.

    Thursday, July 21, 2016 5:12 AM


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  • Sorry, but this isn't the place to get instructions for how to build a server.  We can help answer questions but we're not in a position go provide step-by-step instructions.  There are plenty of those you can search for on the Internet and in books you can buy.

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    Thursday, July 21, 2016 5:22 AM
  • Thank you for addressing the query.

    But I'm not asking for instruction to 'how to build a server'

    I have already done that.

    Just need to know what records need to be updated on Godaddy portal.

    I updated the MX pointing to my domain but still I'm getting the error saying 'delivery failed' from gmail.

    Mail Flow is active within organisation. 

    If you are in a position to give a favourable response then I really appreciate it.

    Thank You !

    Thursday, July 21, 2016 6:20 AM
  • Hi Ankit,

    You can create a send connector and receive connector(has been created after setup Exchange) to router message between internet:

    If you want to receive message from external, you should register MX record and relevant A record in your ISP. I assume you have done it with Godaddy. Then you can try to send test message to your internal user.

    If you want to know mail flow from Gmail to your internal domain, it's related to DNS and similar with the DNS resolution process. For inbound and outbound mail flow in Exchange server, for your reference:

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    Friday, July 22, 2016 9:17 AM