Error - Specified network name no longer available when copying files - only to 2003 not 2008 RRS feed

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  • Hello.  I have a VPN set up between office A and office B.  Office A has three servers (2003).  Office B has four servers (three 2003 and one 2008).

    I am generally unable to copy files larger than about 30 mb from a server in office A to a server in office B (and vice versa).  The copy will run for a few seconds and then get the error:  The specified network name is not longer available.

    I have messed with the MTU settings to no avail.

    I have two servers recently installed with server 2003 with no firewall or antivirus installed.  These are the two I am testing with.

    I have ruled out a router issue between the two offices.  Extensive research of the logs show no packet drops.  To also rule out the routers .... and an interesting side note....

    I can copy a large file from a 2003 server in office A to the 2008 server in office B just fine.

    In fact, I can copy a 1gb file from 2003 in office A to the 2008 server in office B.  And at the same time try copying a 30mb file from the same 2003 server in office A to a 2003 server in office B and will get the error message on that file copy.

    I have exhausted google search and can't seem to come up with a solution.  I'm wondering if the 2003/2008 comparison may hold a clue for someone?







    Friday, December 16, 2011 3:48 PM