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  • Lync 2013 with AudioCodes SBC

    We've had a main SIP trunk with Windstream for US-based telephone numbers.

    We recently added an additional SIP trunk with Pure IP to provide UK and France telephone numbers.

    We have numerous response groups configured that sends callers to various Exchange auto attendants outside of business hours or in the case of queue overflow.  This has worked without issue for our original Windstream SIP trunk, however it fails for telephone number associated with our Pure IP SIP trunk.  I've assigned telephone numbers associated to my Pure IP SIP trunk to users and Exchange auto attendants, and dialing those telephone numbers directly works fine.  I also get routed to voice mail without issue, if a user doesn't answer the phone.  I've run traces of good transfers/redirects through my Windstream SIP trunk and bad transfers/redirects through my Pure IP SIP trunk.  There are few differences that I hope explain what is configured wrong.

    I noticed Lync is sending REFER messages to Pure IP, yet Lync does not send REFER messages to Windstream.  Both SIP trunks allow REFER.  Both calls have multiple INVITE messages.  On the second INVITE message, I noticed the ones from Windstream insert a reference to the IP/PSTN Gateway defined in Lync like below:

    Start-Line: INVITE sip:954xxxxxxx;phone-context=PstnGateway_fqdn.domain.local@sipdomain.com;user=phone SIP/2.0
    FROM: "WIRELESS CALLER"<sip:574xxxxxxxx;phone-context=PstnGateway_fqdn.domain.local@sipdomain.com;user=phone>;epid=A2886BCEE9;tag=db4e7ecad1
    TO: <sip:954xxxxxxx;phone-context=PstnGateway_fqdn.domain.local@sipdomain.com;user=phone>

    where fdqn.domain.local is the IP/PSTN gateway defined in my Lync topology.

    For failed calls (transfers) originating through the Pure IP SIP trunk, Lync doesn't "resolve" it to an IP/PSTN gateway. 

    FROM: <sip:+1317xxxxxxx@sipdomain.com;user=phone>;epid=A56AE704C9;tag=7cb244071
    TO: <sip:+44xxxxxxxxxx@sipdomain.com;user=phone>

    There are no references to the IP/PSTN gateway.  Why isn't Lync resolving this to a gateway?  Could this be what is causing my problem?  What do I need to do to get Lync to recognize this as a gateway?

    Any suggestions would be helpful.


    Friday, June 9, 2017 5:43 PM

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