Sharepoint 2010 default WCF services with Basic Http binding are not Accessable by .Net developers


  • Hi ,

    I exposed default Sharepoint 2010 WCF service . i created a user in administrator group and gave credentials to use access the WCF service.

    Now when .Net team is trying consume my WCF service using basic http bindings. He is getting an error Access denied as the user dont have permission to access the resources.

    They can access getList() method and they are getting the list.But they where not able to use any other methods avilable.

    If .Net team consumes Web reffrence and use same credentials They are able to insert update and delete the list items.

    So how can WCF service can be accessable to .Net team using basic - http bindings.



    Monday, September 30, 2013 5:49 AM