Can't backup the DPM SQL-instanses on the DPM 2012 server itself. RRS feed

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    We have four DMP servers, two on each site. These are olny used for imagebackups. No 1 and 3 are main DPM servers and 2 and 4 are backing up 1 and 3 since DPM has no real support for replicas. 
    This works quite fine - with a few exceptions. 

    When backing up - "protecting" - the first backupserver itself, all SQL-instanses becomes inconsistent. 
    I have tried to delete them and recreate them and then they are OK for 15-20 minutes even after the replicas are created but then the red cross with the Replica is inconsistent shows up - on all 6 databases. Just like that. 
    Have plenty of free disk (10TB). 

    This scenario is just a matter at server #1, server #3 and it's replica does not have this issue even though they are identical. Version is 4.1.3408.0. OS is Server 2012. 

    Clues are appreceated. 

    Wednesday, June 19, 2013 3:02 PM