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  • Hello.....I'm running Vista 64 bit, and I've read all of the information on memory restrictions when running the 32 bit version vs the 64 bit version.
    On my new machine I just built, I brought up the 'system information' feature, and  I'm seeing the 4 gigs of ram I have installed. Out of that, it says that I have approx. 3 gigs of 'available physical memory'.

    Someone else was telling me that on a 64 bit version, it should be showing the full 4 gigs available, and that it seemed like I was running 32 bit, which I'm not. 
    I don't think this is correct since after you subtract the memory used to run the OS, it seems 3 gigs would be about right since Vista uses somewhere close to a gig when running. If I was running the 32 bit version with my hardware (graphics card has a gig of ram), it would be showing even less available system memory.
    I'm including a scenerio below that i think illustrates this. Can someone tell me if this is correct, or is something not right on my 64 bit system?
    Thanks very much.....

    Vista 64 bit - 4 gigs of system ram plus 1 gig of video ram on the graphics card for 5 gigs total.
    So...the 4 gigs of system ram are available, minus ram needed for running OS = around 3 gigs available physical memory.
    Vista 32 bit - 4 gig limit including video ram. The gig of video ram accounts for 1 of the 4 gig max., which leaves approx. 3 gigs system ram available....minus ram needed for OS leaves around 2 gigs available physical memory.
    If this scenerio is correct, then all is normal with my Vista 64 bit system in what it's reporting.
    Does this make sense?                              

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009 1:10 AM