missing envelope icon in task bar when move rules are applied and no new e-mail notification on android


  • Hi,

    I have just upgraded our e-mail to 365

    I am using outlook 2016 on desktop/ outlook on android 

    I have a number of move rules setup to move e-mail form various address to specific folders these rules are held on the server.

    My e-mails are move to the folders correctly 

    If I am running outlook 2016 on the desktop I can see if there are any new (unread) e-mails in these folders

    Although I have unread e-mails the envelope icon is not shown on the task bar.

    The only work around for this is to copy the e-mail to the folder but this is poor work around as I now have to delete the e-mail form the top level (inbox) and the only reason it exists is to show the envelope ( I do not use this workaround I just manually check outlook for new e-mails)

    The situation is much worse in Android 

    1. I don't get any notification that an e-mail has arrived

    2. The only way to check if an e-mail has been received that has been moved to a folder is to refresh each folder manually.

    I was hoping that having moved to the latest software I would not have this issue.

    Has anyone got a good workaround for this

    Friday, April 28, 2017 5:16 PM

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  • Hi Kenny,

    >> missing envelope icon in task bar when move rules are applied

    Based on my test and research, I am afraid that is an expected behavior that "Show an envelope icon in the taskbar" only works when the mail is delivered to the Inbox. That is, when you have a rule configured to move your mail to a different folder, the Notification won't show.

    An alternative I can think of is that we may add another rules to display alerts:

    1. Home > Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts… > New Rule
    2. Select "Start from a blank rule" and verify that "Apply rule on messages I receive" is selected:

    3. Next, verify that no condition is selected and press Next, Yes.
    4. Select the action "display a Desktop Alert":

    5. Finish > OK.

    If you still have concerns on this feature, I'd like to encourage you visit Outlook UserVoice forum to vote for a similar idea or submit your owns. Microsoft loves hearing all customers and is committed to continuously improving your experience with our products. 

    Then sorry but here we mainly focus on general Outlook questions on Windows desktop, as per your query on Android, we'd like to recommend you post to the dedicated Answers Forum for better response.

    The reason why we recommend posting appropriately is you will get the most qualified pool of respondents, and other partners who read the forums regularly can either share their knowledge or learn from your interaction with us. 

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    Yuki Sun

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    Monday, May 1, 2017 9:26 AM
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the detail response.

    The problem with this solution the mail is only process by the outlook client and not at the server

    Tuesday, May 2, 2017 8:16 AM