How to implement BranchCache on download blob from Azure RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We have a desktop application which downloads for our users a blob from azure every night (in size around 220 GB). All of our users are located on one domain.

    At first (when we had around 15 downloads per night) the median time for those downloads was something like 100 minutes.

    Now we have almost 40 downloads (on 40 different machines) but the median download time is about 500-600 minutes. 

    I heard about BranchCache lately and I thought maybe it can solve my problem (I'm thinking on distributed mode). First thing I thought about is:

    • Will BranchCache really improve for 220 GB files? What is the size limitation? 

     assuming it is - for my understanding the flow is something like this:

    1. I need to enable distributed mode (and install the feature and everything) in all of the user's machines.


    1. When the first client (lets call him client1) asks the blob from azure - it downloads it and saves a copy in the branchcache folder (not sure of how this is actually work..)


    1.  After that, the second client (client2) asks the blob from azure - and azure somehow suppose to tell him that he needs to get it from client1 (?) 


    1. And the most unclear part - how does client2 gets this blob from client1?  


    Any help to understand BranchCache a bit more would be appreciated.


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