my computer doesn't have administration account and only two user account. (Windows 7) RRS feed

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    • i setted  a parental control for my little btother. 
    • then i accidently checked all on allow and block speecific program. 
    • now my administration account has turned in standard account.
    • i only can acess internet explorer 
    • and everything is blocked i can't uninstall and reintall a program.
    • whenever i click manage account it ask for the fingerprint data which was mine and that got deleted too.
    • how do i create a administration account without it asking me adminstrator fingerprint.
    • i am the real administaration though.      

    please with a capital p help!!!! this is my freinds computer.
    it's windos 7 because my windows vista was deleted somehow.
    Monday, September 7, 2009 1:25 PM


  • Hi,


    above all, here are 3 screenshot:


    From the 3 screenshot, we can get the following information:


    1. Only Administrator account can setup Parental Control. Standard account do not have the permission to do so.

    2. Even we log on an administrator account, we cannot setup Parental Control on itself.

    3. We can setup Parental Control onto other Administrator account, but it will be changed to limited account (standard account) first.


    Thus in order to setup Parental Control onto the account you mentioned, we should have another administrator account, which cannot be controlled by Parental Control. Can you find it?


    As you mentioned we need the fingerprint data, I assume that we have an administrator account but as the fingerprint data is removed, we cannot log on it. If it is the only available administrator account, we will need to contact the computer manufacturer as fingerprint technology is supported by the computer manufacturer but not Windows system.

    Or we may need to do a System Restore or System Image Recovery to see if we can back to previous status:

    1. Restart the computer. Keep pressing F8 to get the boot menu.

    2. Please choose Repair Your Computer.

    3. Click Next, test if we can log on the administrator account which is set for a fingerprint. If we can log on that account, System Restore or System Image Recovery will be displayed. Test if one of them can help us back to orignial situation.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009 9:53 AM