HIS2010 to AS400 IPDLC LINK connectivity issue RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have created a IP-DLC link by following " Configuring IP-DLC Link Service for IBM Enterprise Extender White Paper" document

    Please help me to resolve this error.

    BIND(-RSP) request received in response to a BIND request
      Sense code         = 0x080f0001
      Local LU name      = APPN.HISPU      
      Partner LU name    = APPN.C101C31D   
      Mode name          = CPSVCMG
      BIND RU :

       31001307 b0b050b3 07879797 87070602
       00000000 00004014 2300000a c1d7d7d5
       4bc8c9e2 d7e42b00 0802c3d7 e2e5c3d4
       c7090301 234e5768 2dfca40b 04c1d7d7
       d54bc8c9 e2d7e40a 13006a16 1636341e
       093b000d c1d7d7d5 4bc3f1f0 f1c3f3f1
       c42c0904 07c3d7e2 e5c3d4c7 6013f923
       4e57682d fca40ac1 d7d7d54b c8c9e2d7

     BIND(-RSP) received in response to a BIND request. This may indicate a configuration error, or a protocol error.
     Common sense codes which typically indicate a configuration error or a normal race condition include
      0805xxxx - the session could not be activated as session
                 activation limits have been reached
      08060014 - the partner LU is not known
      0806xxxx - the BIND specified a resource which is not known
      080Fxxxx - security authorization failed
      0821xxxx - the BIND supplied an invalid session parameter
      0835xxxx - parameter error in BIND RU at offset xxxx
     Other sense codes include
      0812xxxx - session activation failed due to resource shortage
                 at the remote node
      083Bxxxx - invalid PCID in BIND RU
      0852xxxx - duplicate session activation request
      0861xxxx - invalid COS name in BIND RU
      088Cxxxx - control vector or subfield missing from BIND RU
      0895xxxx - BIND RU contained a control vector that was in
      0896xxxx - BIND RU contained a control vector that was too
     Session activation will fail with the specified sense code.
     If the sense code indicates a configuration error, check for inconsistencies between the configuration at the local LU and the configuration at the partner LU.  If the configuration is consistent and the problem persists, contact support with details of the problem.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2016 6:35 AM

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  • The sense code returned is: 0x080F0001 --- as mentioned in the event log, the 080F indicates the security authorization failed.  I suspect a configuration issue for the HISPU LU (or the C101C31D LU) on the AS/400 side.

    I assume the connection is showing as Active in the SNA Manager.  What are you doing when this error occurs - is this an LU-LU test?  There is a diagnostics tool if you open SNA Manager and do the following:

    Tools menu - Diagnostics

    Client the APPC Test tab, select the LU's and the Mode and then click Test -- the results may give you further information.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2016 11:09 PM
  • Dear Valerie Robb,

    Thank you for your reply,

    Yes you are right Link status is showing as active on diagnostics tool.

    And AS400 team also confirmed that they can see link active on their side.

    This error is happening when I just start ip dlc link service.
    I have tried to create Pool of LU using 3270 wizard and that one also cannot connect , because my link is having security authorization issue.

    I believe this issue is on as400 configuration but I don't have experience on As400.

    Do you know which parameter can cause this issue on AS400 side?

    Wednesday, August 24, 2016 12:48 AM
  • As Valerie said this is most probably a configuration issue.
    Not sure what you mean the link service is showing active, and then the error happens when you start the link service.

    The IPDLC link service is started automatically when you start the SNA Serer service and tries to get a connection to the remote CP via the NNS.
    The AS/400 is not using 3270 sessions (unless you have configured a 3274 controller, which is very unlikely).
    So, you need to configure a local and a remote LU (APPC - LU6.2LU) rather than 3270.

    I would recommend to open a support request and provide the HIS Server configuration file. We can start troubleshooting and possibly capture some traces, etc...


    Manfred Mittermüller

    -- MSFT --

    Friday, September 2, 2016 8:54 AM