Not able to create New folder / New online document in doc library having column calculated date column


  • Dear all,
    1. I am working on SPO, There is a SharePoint column "Expiry Date" of type "Date and Time" with the default value =NOW()+365 and validation formula is 
    =(AND([Expiry Date]<=NOW()+365,[Expiry Date]>=NOW())) which is to validate not more than 1 year to current date.

    2. If I upload the document to doc lib from my local machine means it work fine, but I am not able to create the new document in SharePoint (word online), i am getting below error when i try to save the document.

    “sorry, your changes weren’t saved, to continue editing this document please copy your changes and refresh”.

    Please suggest me, below i have screened the error message with the detail steps to reproduce the issue.

    Please find the steps to reproduce the issue

    Step 1 )

     Create a site column Expiry Date of type date and Time column and with the default value =NOW()+365 (calculate column) and validation formula is  =(AND([Expiry Date]<=NOW()+365,[ Expiry Date]>=NOW())) which is to validate entered expiry date is not more than 1 year to current date.

    Step 2: attach this column to document content type or any CT whose parent is document.

    Step 3 : go to any of the site collection and create the document library and attach the newly created content type to this document library and this content type(column has combination of default calculated value and validation formula)

    Step 4: After attaching CT, I am not able to create the online document with the button File --> New Document” , however if I directly upload documents which are already there my computer means it works.

     Step 5 : Even not able to create the New folder under this document library.

    This issue is pending from many days with no clue, please suggest me.



    Thursday, September 8, 2016 9:59 AM


  • Hi Shivasharanappah,

    I can reproduce this issue in my Office 365 tenant and this issue is related to the validation formula, if removed the validation formula, the document can be saved.

    I suggest you can create a Office 365 feedback to report this issue to Microsoft:

    Customer Feedback for Microsoft Office 365


    Best Regards

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    Friday, September 9, 2016 9:08 AM