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  • We've been using Steady State in our Domain environment for almost 2 years now without problems.  We gradually rolled out to more and more areas as it proved to be relatively problem free and has cut support calls significantly.  We use a WSUS server to deploy approved Windows Updates.

    Last week something went wrong.  Windows updates failed on more than 90% of pc's.  I can see from the SCTWindowsUpdate log that the ones causing issues didn't do updates properly.

    From a good PC I see the following at the end of the log:-

    17/03/2010 21:08:43 Installing updates...
    17/03/2010 21:32:06 Listing of updates installed and individual installation results:
    17/03/2010 21:32:06 Updates Complete

    from a failed PC I see the following:-

    17/03/2010 21:17:47 Installing updates...
    17/03/2010 21:17:47 Listing of updates installed and individual installation results:
    17/03/2010 21:17:47 Updates Complete

    You'll notice the time stamps are the same from begining to complete.

    This then causes a much more serious incident.  All the failed PC's are looping doing windows updates during the day kicking users out and causing them to loose work.  The PC's don't retain the changes and a few minutes after someone logs in the loop begins again.  I have to login with an admin account, set disk protection to retain the changes and wait till I see the update shield, install the updates then set disk protection to discard changes.  This is very time consuming with over 300 pc's to visit, classes have been cancelled and complaints gone to the highest level.  As I'm the one who discovered and piloted Steady State all bullets are aimed at me.

    Why are Windows Updates being applied during the day when Steady State is set for updating at 21:00 nightly?  Is it Windows Updates initially failing that has caused Steady State to attempt updating during the day?

    Any information on what could have caused this would be appreciated.  If there's an easier way to fix it I'd be grateful.  I haven't had much time to research as I'm busy running round firefighting the problem.

    Any thoughts?



    Tuesday, March 23, 2010 2:56 PM