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    We installed MOSS and DB server on two different server, during MOSS installation I give IP address of db server instead of db servername. Everything was working. I configured SSP/web application and extended web applicatin everything was working fine. Thne my network guy has changed the IP address of DB server, thne everything stoped working. I was getting error "Could not connect to the database". Then I re-reun the wizard and disconnect old db server and re-connect database server by giving db Server Name instead of IP address. Sharepoint Config Wizard runn successfuly. Now whenever I try to run CA or web application or extended web application nothing happened, then I checked event viewer I noticed whenever I try to run these sites 3 event IDs (3355, 27745, 5586 are coming, whne I see the event detail I noticed it is still pinging old db server IP address.

    Can anyone tell me how do I resolve this issue or do I need to uninstall whole sharepoint and physically the sharepoint related databasees from sql server?

    Please advise

    Thursday, July 22, 2010 12:13 AM


  • Hi Evan Catherine,


    Did you set the SQL Server Client Network Utility Alias configuration to a name? If not, change it to a name.


    1. In case you are only changing the IP addresses for your servers, there will be little impact. As long as your SharePoint farm identifies servers by name (and this is by default), instead of by IP, the IP change will not influence the SharePoint environment. To confirm that, you can check the settings in the Central Administration page, Operations a Servers in Farm.


    2. Additionally, please make sure that all firewall configurations that you may have enabled (Web Front-Ends to client machines, or between the different tiers of your SharePoint farm) are updated accordingly, in order to accommodate the new IP addresses.


    3. Also it is important that you have specified the name of the SQL server and not the IP address when running the configuration wizard to connect to the SQL server.


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    Regards, Rock Wang Microsoft Online Community Support
    Friday, July 23, 2010 4:02 AM