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  • Hi,

    My requirement is to show users a preview of Office documents (sitting on our server). I need to show a preview of the following:
    - Word 2003 / 2007
    - Excel 2003 / 2007
    - PPT 2003 / 2007

    The preview must be in such a way that the end users need not have office installed in their systems, but at the same time the formatting has to be maintained. End users will assuredly use only IE 6.x +.

    The solution that i have identified currently is to open Word / Excel / PPT objects using interop. i invoke the "SaveAs" method and save these docs to MHT format. My end users will always see these MHT files which are basically HTML files (hopefully).
    However i am currently using office 2003 objects. Therefore a challenge now arises while opening 2007 docs. On the net i found a lot of links for a compatiblity pack (using 2003 objects to work with 2007 objects).

    However before exploring that i need to know if i can use 2007 objects (like 2003 objects) to open both 2007 and 2003 formats and invoke a "SaveAs" on those objects. Would also like to know where i can download 2007 assemblies.

    Currently i am using .NET 2.0. Much of the code i saw for working with 2007 docs revolved around .NET 3.0 (using the System.IO.Packaging namespace).

    Putting it short i would like to know:
    -> The best approach for this (use 2003 objects or 2007 objects?)
    -> Where can i download 2007 assemblies (similar to 2003 assemblies) and sample code snaps.

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