Can ADFS (as IdP) issue OpenID Connect sign in addresses? No Azure. RRS feed

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    • I'd like to get those addresses that you can use to sign into other sites without a password and you just authorize the app back at the home server (in this scenario, ADFS). Some time ago I did some testing wi done it with Atlassian Crowd ID, Azure AD and Azure AD B2C but each of those had one or more caveats don't make them the right fit.

      I tried the samples on Github but even I got them working, they actually reversed what I thought I had learned and got me confused about it all; they all come with some sort of web app to test that the thing is working but the documentation doesn't make it clear where does ADFS' job end and the testbed's begins. It sort of blurs the lines, in addition, I haven't found an example of ADFS issuing OpenID Connect addresses.

      I've been searching for information on this for months now but the fact that apparently those addresses are called the same as other pieces of the protocol, makes if unbelievably hard to find clear, specific information, plus, the minute I add "ADFS" to my search terms I get drowned in Azure results, or at the very least federation with Azure (which I actually do, BTW!) but anything relating to ADFS and only ADFS it's rare or the yet another rewrite of the same mistitled article over and over. :/

      What better place to ask than here, I figured. At least if I get a negative answer I can put it to rest and move on. Thanks !

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    Saturday, May 18, 2019 11:08 AM