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  • This bug has something to do with pinned jump list items pointing to a UNC path whose host no longer exists.

    For example, I have one called Download pointing to \\\download. Since that host has a different IP now, I decided to unpin it and pin the new one.

    And here comes the problem: I can't unpin it from the jump list UI and every time I try, the whole explorer process freezes. I thought guys at Microsoft writing Windows shell code would know about multi-threading, but now I am not so sure. Because obviously after I pressed that unpin icon the thread in charge of event handling is blocked, waiting for the request to timeout. I don't even know why it needs to check anything in order to delete a short-cut.

    The more funny thing is, if you simply click on the (pointing-to-nowhere) jump list item, it will tell you (after a long wait) that the shortcut is invalid and ask you if you want to delete it. If you click yes, not only will the item NOT be deleted, but all the jump list items will disappear for a while until explorer realize they are still there.

    I do also believe the long wait periods are breaking a UI codes because there's absolutely no indication something is being done. Since Vista they added those progress bar in the address bar of an explorer window to indicate the contents are being populated. Something similar should be done for other operations as well.

    Saturday, April 17, 2010 7:02 PM